Get ready for our upcoming 2015-2016 basketball. Feel free to view our schedule below:

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AWC Staff Birthdays

Alexis Hurd- 1/28
Brandon Jordan-10/6
Charlotte Hollingshed-2/8
David Graham- 12/1
DJ Waffles-7/19
Karen Osborne-8/11
Melvin Flowers-3/11
Ronald Lafleur-2/17
Shara Davis-12/18

Stevie Hall-7/3
Tony Smith-6/10
Tracy Hightower-9/30
William Payton IV-5/22

Pat "Pac-Man" Adams won a 3 day 2 night vacation compliments of the Atlanta WildCats; Game Day was Saturday August 8, 2015 in Macon, Georgia at Gilead Christian Academy.

Atlanta Wildcats in Atlanta